Keep it simple!
Keep it simple!
We can help you find the best additions to your tech stack and digitize your company faster and smoother.


Users love simplicity

Embedding a simple user action into their daily communication tool, makes the hurdle of adoption much smaller.

Leaders need help

Life of a leader is not easy, and life of a leader of a remote, distributed or hybrid team is even harder. Our services can help you be more intentional in leading your teams.

We add value

By identifying a common challenge and providing a service that can help overcome it, we enable you to lead your teams and organizations in a more effective way.

Upgrade your company's OS

With our services you can modernize your company and leverage technology to save time, improve processes and increase employee engagement.

The process

  • You will tell us what are you struggling with.
  • We will talk to some more people, check some techy stuff as well and then reframe the problem to solve.
  • We will align on the How Might We question.
  • We’ll then come back with recommendations, scenarios, options, calculation.
  • Together we’ll pick the best option for you.
  • The implementation can be on us, on you, or we can deliver in partnership.
  • You’ll most probably call us again when you get stuck with something technological.


Ditto Digital co-founders

Vlada Tošić

Vladimir Tošić

Digital Product and Marketing Expert

Leader in the corporate and startup world at the same time. Have been playing with culture design and transformation for the last 7 years. Lead the design, delivery and deployment of globally scaled digital solutions.

Ivan Dimitrijević

Ivan Dimitrijević

Software Architect

Software Developer in heart.
15+ years of experience in managerial and developer positions in Software Development, Media and Telecommunications. TypeScript & AWS Serverless enthusiast.



Feel free to drop us an email at hi [at] dittodigitalsolutions [dot] com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.